When is a conspiracy not a conspiracy

Events happen time goes by and then people talk about it and other people think that this individual is crazy for talking about it,the event that is .You can count on the first news events  I mean the ones that are immediately after an event being most truthful.I recall the gulf of Tonkin incident 1964 on a stormy night with the Naval officer  being interviewed and saying to the camera “we must be very bad shots or I missed seeing those torpedo boats” ; 11 years later we’re abandoning  Saigon .  58,000 dead useful idiots later we have a building blowing up in Oklahoma City from a home made bomb and another useful idiot by the name of McVeigh takes credit for it? Building seven at Ground Zero WTC collapsed from office furniture combustion? What do you want to do today Wally? I d’ont know Beaver lets invade The middle east, ok. According to Texas Songster Iris DeMent “we’re living in the wasteland of the free where the poor have now become the enemy” Yes there is a storm on the way , be ready to meet me at the new Concorde Bridge!  Prepare the battlefield if you can , if not grab them by the belt move ,shoot ,communicate and pave their way back to  Washington DC with the truth.


I'm on the pavement thinking about the government